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There is no right way to describe our Ambrosia, only that it has been our hands down #1 fan favorite since we started in 1986!

  • Product Info:



    Our Candles have a burn life of approximately 75-125 hours or longer.  Keep the wick at a length of 1/4 inch to maximize burning efficiency. Please see our “Art of Candle Burning” tab for more information on burning our Candles.



    Depending on the size of your melter, strength of scent desired, and frequency of use will determine how many cubes you will use each time and the lengh of time the scent will last. The average is two cubes for small warmers, such as the wall plug warmers, and up to four cubes in large table top melters. Each cube is easily removed from the tray by simply twisting the tray one way then the other, much like an ice cube tray, press from the underside of each cube to remove. 


    Warming Oil:

    To use the oils, we recommend an adjustable oil warmer.  Shake the oil prior to every use.  Pour about 1/4″ deep (or a quarter sized puddle) into the dish.  Set the warmer at about half way (in brightness), then adjust up or down to your liking from there. The oils will provide an average of about 24 to 72 hours of wonderful scent. Of course the higher you set the oil temperature, scent, frequency of use, amount poured into dish, and your own desires, will determine how long the oil lasts.


    Car Freshener Disc:

    Our car freshener discs are saturated in the pure undiluted scent oil of your choosing for a long lasting disbursment of scent in your car for 2-4 weeks. The length of time the disc will give off scent depends entirley upon the strength of the scent chosen as well as season. All of our car freshener discs are made at the time of order to ensure it is as fresh as possible. Do not let the disc come into contact with fabrics, leathers, or wood as it may cause staining. 


    Room Spray:

    Our 4oz room spray disburses a fine mist for an instant blast of aroma. Great for bathrooms, cars, or right before guests arrive to your home! Avoid contact with eyes and or mouth as well as spraying directly onto fabrics, leathers, & wood as it may cause staining. 



    Our scent samples come in the form of two wax chips, containing the same amount of wax as two cubee's. You can use these samples in your wax warmer or just to sample the scent without melting them down. Do not eat wax chips and keep away from children and pets.

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