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Scents That Have a Positive Effect on Your Mood

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The art of candle pouring dates back centuries and it is a skill that we uphold to this day because of the natural physiological effects it can have on your mind and body. Here are some different candle scents and the effect they can have on your mood:

  Sandalwood / Vanilla: Works as a stress-reliever and helps with depression

Tangerine: Promotes happiness and relaxation

  Pine / Peppermint: These two scents energize, fighting weariness

Lavender: Aids sleeping and relaxation in cases of insomnia

Cinnamon: Stimulates your creative mind and focus

Lilac: Improves memory and helps with decision-making

Rose: Geared towards women, helps with hormone balancing


Hopefully, you can use this as a starter guide to using our scents for your specific needs. Have questions? Send them our way, our excellent customer service team is prepared to assist you in your search!


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