Graduation Gifts


Give a Graduate the Gift of Relaxation

As the transition of the spring to summer season is underway, high school and college seniors are getting ready to put on their cap and gowns for graduation.

They’ve spent the last few months cramming for tests, writing papers, working on final projects and preparing for a new chapter in their lives. Stress has been a constant emotional state they’ve been functioning in and could use some relaxation essentials.

Cue Escents Candle Company. Escorts Candles has a wide variety of different candles to choose from that promote a state of relaxation. Their scents include lavender, sandalwood, vanilla, eucalyptus lavender, day at the spa, Caribbean, and more.

An Escents Candle will be the perfect addition to their new dorm or apartment to give them a moment to experience peace and relaxation and what is a better gift than that.

To order your candles visit Escents Candle Company’s website!


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