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Graduation Gifts


Give a Graduate the Gift of Relaxation

As the transition of the spring to summer season is underway, high school and college seniors are getting ready to put on their cap and gowns for graduation.

They’ve spent the last few months cramming for tests, writing papers, working on final projects and preparing for a new chapter in their lives. Stress has been a constant emotional state they’ve been functioning in and could use some relaxation essentials.

Cue Escents Candle Company. Escorts Candles has a wide variety of different candles to choose from that promote a state of relaxation. Their scents include lavender, sandalwood, vanilla, eucalyptus lavender, day at the spa, Caribbean, and more.

An Escents Candle will be the perfect addition to their new dorm or apartment to give them a moment to experience peace and relaxation and what is a better gift than that.

To order your candles visit Escents Candle Company’s website!


Cute Gift Ideas for Mom

With Mother’s Day around the corner, coming up with creative ideas to show your appreciation can be difficult. Moms just want to know that they are loved! One cute way to bring a smile to her face is by decorating a candle glass just for her! Whether you bedazzle, paint or etch the glass, giving… Continue Reading

Perfect Party Favors: Candles

Hosting a party and not sure what to give your guests? Candles are the perfect party favor to say “Thank You”. You can find candles in nearly every color and fragrance. It makes it easy to customize your party favors for guests. Candles are becoming an increasingly popular choice as favors for weddings, bridal showers,… Continue Reading

Sprucing Up Your Home With Candles

It’s amazing what a difference something as small as a candle can make in your house.   Your living quarters should always be  a place where you enjoy and feel a sense of relaxation. Escents Candle Company  takes pride in offering amazing candles at affordable prices here in Midland, TX. When searching for the right scent,… Continue Reading

Holiday Home

Classic Holiday Scents Studies show that our sense of smell is capable of triggering specific memories. Sometimes you cannot pinpoint a certain scent to a perfect memory, but the familiarity of it still lingers. During the holidays, it is typical for a home to smell of pine, cinnamon, and other warm scents that can’t help… Continue Reading

Thanksgiving Light

Candlelit Thanksgiving Dinner During the holidays, it is typical to associate feelings of warmth with the cooler weather. Snuggling up on a couch in front of a fireplace might be the coziest thing in the world. Creating that inviting feeling is a great way to welcome guests into your home. Although the delicious scents of… Continue Reading

Creating a Comforting “Homey-y” Environment

Because Nothing Says Home Like an EScents Candle Interior decorating tastes may shift, and design eras may come and go, but some things never change when it comes to making an environment feel like home. A hand poured candle from EScents is one of those forever treasures that simply add a little light and a… Continue Reading

Easy Steps to Meditation Using Candles

Although meditation seems difficult for beginners, once they get the hang of it- they love it. As candle experts, we wanted to give you a few tips about using candles in your meditation. The scent is Key: This one seems obvious, but we wanted to list it anyway. You don’t want to choose scents that… Continue Reading

Providing You Only the Finest of Candles

Treating You to a Wonderful Experience Within minutes of lighting the wick, you will realize that not every candle is created equal. The promised scent may not permeate the air or the candle burns unevenly which can lead to left over wax but no wick. At Escents Candle Company, we use only the finest materials… Continue Reading