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Easy Steps to Meditation Using Candles


Although meditation seems difficult for beginners, once they get the hang of it- they love it. As candle experts, we wanted to give you a few tips about using candles in your meditation.

  • The scent is Key: This one seems obvious, but we wanted to list it anyway. You don’t want to choose scents that excite you too much. The point of meditation is to relax, so choose to calm scents when selecting a candle.
  • Placement: Although this one isn’t quite as important, you won’t want to be worrying about any hazards. Put your candles somewhere safe and in sight where they will burn easily away from any fabric or flammable materials.
  • Use As The Main Light Source: Getting comfortable and prepped to meditate is one of the best parts. We call it “pre-meditation”. Be sure to turn off all lights and cover your natural light source such as a window. The candlelight will be absolutely stunning and very wonderful to open your eyes to.

We hope you’ve enjoyed these tips for using candles for meditating. The energy is sure to be just right when you use candles for this purpose.