Starting Traditions

Starting Traditions


Traditions are an important part of our culture. Traditions give us something to look forward to, help us feel secure knowing there is something we can rely on, bring families together, and give us a reason to celebrate.

Although many families have traditions that have been passed down for multiple generations, a tradition can be started by anyone at any time. Here are some great tradition ideas that you can start this year!

  1. Host a candlelit dinner on Christmas Eve. Each Christmas Eve, plan a full meal and pull out your nicest or themed dishes. Once everyone is seated, turn off the lights and show off a centerpiece of candles.
  1. Do yoga together. Once a month, gather the family together, turn on some relaxing music, and light a calming candle and enjoy the benefits of spending time together as a family as well as the benefits of doing yoga.
  1. Plant a garden every year. Each year as spring rolls in, head outside and plant a garden. Let each family member choose a fruit or vegetable to grow and work together through the growing season to keep the garden watered and weed and bug-free. Then, when it’s harvest time, plan a meal that incorporates everything you grew.
  1. Have a special New Year’s dinner and interview. Every new year, gather the family together and have a special meal. During dinner, ask each family member a series of questions and write down the answers, film the interview, or record it for later. Every New Year’s Eve, watch or read the interview answers from the previous year.
  1. Shop for new dress clothes each Easter. Take a weekend each year around Easter time and shop for new dress clothes for each person in the family. Freshen up everyone’s wardrobe with a splash of spring color and invite in the new season with a new look, all while spending time with the family.
  1. Shop for swimsuits each summer. Another great item to shop for is a new swimsuit. Take the entire family and let them choose their bathing suit for the upcoming swimming season.
  1. Take a camping trip over the 4th of July. Each year, get out into nature and enjoy the break from the regular grind with the entire family. Go traditional with hot dogs and apple pie or try something new.
  1. Host a turkey trot every Thanksgiving. What better way to ward off the effects of too much food than a small family race after dinner (long enough to not get side aches, though)? Hold a race as small as the length of your street to as long as a 5k. Even get your neighbors involved if you want!
  1. Dedicate each month to another culture. Take one day out of each month of the year to talk about another country’s culture, talk about the food they eat, the traditions they have, and enjoy a meal with one or more dish from the month’s culture.

Associating specific elements with traditions is a great way to help them be remembered and allow family members to associate good memories with those elements like scents, sounds, and tastes.

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